Rockdale Flying Tigers

Rockdale Flying Tigers

Flight Club at KRCK -Rockdale Airport
  • Cessna Cardinal and Piper J4
  • Cessna Cardinal and Piper J4 2
  • Cardinal & J4 3

Rockdale Flying Tigers, Inc., Texas incorporation = 1991, is a flying club based in Rockdale (KRCK), 60 miles northeast of Austin. We have:

  • 1968 Cessna 177 Cardinal  since 1992.  1300 hrs on rebuilt engine.
  • 1940 Piper J4A Cub Coupe since April 2018.  100 hrs on rebuilt engine.



  • Maximum 30 w/two planes  
  • 17 members now
  • Two are CFIs
  • Who fly an average 100 to 150 hr/yr in the Cardinal and 30 hr (first year) in the Cub Coupe.  So these planes are available!



  • New member/owner cost is $5000 (one time). 
  • Monthly costs (whether you fly or not) are $70/mo (hangar rent, insurance, annuals, flite scheduler, other fixed costs).  This can vary as per “other notes” below.
  • Flying the Cardinal - currently $60/hr ($20 [toward future engine overhaul] plus $40/hr fuel [10 gal/hr x cost of fuel at RCK (currently $4.00/gal)])
  • Flying the Piper - currently $44/hr ($20 [toward future engine overhaul] plus $24/hr fuel [6 gal/hr x cost of fuel at RCK (currently $4.00/gal)])


Other notes on costs/billing:

  • Currently have $9500 for a future engine rebuild.
  • SMALL EXPENSES (< $200):  There is a “kitty” in the bank account for unexpected expenses which are covered at no cost to members (as long as there are not too many of them).
    • Example:  Landing light lamps, switch, and GATS ($150)
  • LARGE EXPENSES (> $200) are billed to members from one month to longer.  Examples:
    • Rebuild C177 engine in 2000 through a three year loan ($21,000 - $50/mo/pilot extra for 36 months).  Twelve pilots in club at this time.
    • Unexpected extras in Dec2017 annual ($3600 - $20/mo/pilot (16 pilots) extra for 11 months).  2018 monthly dues were $90/mo until Dec billing ($70/mo again).
    • LH door handle shaft/bearing ($317 - $$20/pilot (16 pilots) extra for 1 month)


We use an on-line flight scheduler and our club insurance has been with one company since 1991.

We think we have one of the least costly flying clubs in the area.  Check us out!

Books, financials, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Operating Rules are available for viewing.

Call anytime.  Kent 512.446.3184

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