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Welcome to Rockdale Flying Tigers Flying Club Website

Rockdale Flying Tigers, Inc., is an incorporated club that was established for the flying pleasure of its members (shareholders). Our bylaws limit the membership to a maximum of 12 shareholders. The club owns a 1968 Cessna Cardinal. The cardinal is based at H.H. Coffield Regional Airport in Rockdale Texas.

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Changed Around the Menus

I changed around the menus to make it a little easier to find content


Added User ID's for Everyone

I added user ID's for the 6 memebers who had not already self registered. I will send the details in a separate email. I had to shut down self registration because I was getting a lot of non-club memebers asking for log-ins, and the club decided to restrict the site for now.


Added the Pilot Owners Manual

I scanned in the 1968 Cardinal POH and added it under the Members section.


Updated the Member address and emails list

I removed Darnell and added David. I also reformatted to make it easier to view. Please check it for correctness and let me know if there are any updates or errors.


The new RFT website

Hey everybody, I hope you like the new website. We are still in early days yet and I am trying to add as much useful information as I can.

Please let me know what you think and I appreciate any suggestions you have.


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